alt No-one likes negative emotions - fear, sadness, anxiety, anger, the list goes on - but can we change the way we feel about them?

How about realising that without fear there would be no courage, without anger there would be no forgiveness and without pain, there would be no relief.

How much would we enjoy chocolate if it was all we ate?
How much would we love relaxing if it was all we did?
How much would we love our loved ones if we were always in their company?

If we all lived in a world of eternal happiness and calm, would we appreciate it so much? Psychology tells us not and life coaching can show us how to embrace the contrast of our emotions and help keep our lives in perspective and our goals on track.

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Jenni Donato

Jenni now works as a freelance life and family coach, helping families to overcome challenges, create calm and happy homes and live the life they want.