Jenni Donato


Hi everyone, I'm Jenni. I'm a mum of 2 adorable kids and I also own the Award Winning (not-for-profit) Life and Mindset Coaching Company specifically for women called Chance Coaching CIC.

When my daughter was diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia in 2016 I went through a very tough time both emotionally with her diagnosis and treatment and physically with a string of complex miscarriages trying to get our son and complete our family. However, throughout my journey I became a totally different and stronger person and I knew I wanted to give back to the community which had helped us through our dark days. I started training to be a Life and Mindset Coach to support women from all backgrounds to build their confidence, overcome challenges and work towards a brighter future.

I then set up Chance Coaching CIC, and made it a not-for-profit so I could use the profits and funding to support mothers with children with additional needs or disabilities, and despite only being running less than a year, the business is going strong.

We have been featured in the media numerous times, including articles in the local paper, magazines such as Natural Health, regular columns on websites such as Totally Inspired and now a request to be an Agony Aunt for a popular weekly magazine! I’m also excited to have recently won a Certificate of Excellence Award.

I'm so excited for what's to come in 2019 and would love to thank all my team for all their involvement and support.

Dominique Brocklehurst-Waite


I'm Dominique, a Mummy, a Wife and owner of Dominique - Alana Photography based in Wokingham, Berkshire.

I love being able to capture the love in Weddings, the innocence of Children in portraits and raw emotion found in different events. Photography was not something I had planned , I knew I had the love for it but didn't take it seriously until I bought my Nikon D3400 camera. I have now been photographing portraits, weddings and other events professionally since 2018.

When i'm not behind the camera, you can find me at home spending time with my Husband and our two children, Noah and Saskia. I'm a massive Football fan, supporting Liverpool from the age of 4, and a complete coffee addict.

I love being able to deliver photographs to people to serve as a memory to them in years to come. Whether that be their wedding day, a maternity or newborn shoot or even a birthday celebration. Capturing those moments and getting the response afterwards of how much clients love the photos is without a doubt what I love most. I love getting to help people in that way, and to be able to capture memories for generations to come to look at.

Dominique x

Natalie Trice


Hi, I am Natalie and I am the PR Manager for Chance Coaching. I have worked in the world of PR for over two decades and as well as having a real passion for the industry, I am 100% dedicated to my clients and always go the extra mile to ensure they get the results I know they deserve.

While I have worked for some of the world’s biggest companies, including CNN and Discovery Channel, I love working with small businesses and watching them grow and shine, and that is exactly what is happening with Jenni and Chance Coaching.

I work across broadcast, print and online media and whether it is interviews with local papers, guest posts for blogs or columns in national glossy magazines, Jenni always steps up to the mark and I am delighted with the results we are seeing.

My path crossed with Jenni as we both have children with hip dysplasia, and just as I have loved seeing her daughter grow and overcome the challenges of DDH, I have been in awe of how Jenni has flourished and am proud to be a part of the Change Coaching team.

Rick Donato


Hi, I'm Rick. I am the IT Manager for Chance Coaching whilst also being Jenni's husband! I love being a father to our 2 amazing children and watching Jenni grow into her new business. She is so passionate about what she is doing and we are truly enjoying watching her starting to make a real difference in her client's lives, although she can be a bit of a handful as a boss and her requests for website amendments are getting a bit out of hand!

Jenni Donato

Jenni now works as an Award-winning Life and Mindset Coach, helping women from all backgrounds to overcome challenges, rediscover their confidence and live the life they want.