Our Services

FREE Discovery Sessions

Chance Coaching offers all new clients a FREE, no-obligation, Discovery Session.

You could want to reach for your life's ambition, create a better work/life balance or simply increase your confidence and the relationships with those closest to you. Whatever your aim, Chance Coaching's Discovery Sessions are designed to help you learn how to manage your own mind and give you a head start in getting to where you want to go.

To book your FREE Discover Session, simply click here and find a free time slot we look forward to speaking to you.

Life Coaching can be carried out in a number of ways including

  • Skype or Video Conferencing
  • Phone
  • In person (subject to location)

Masterclass Sessions

Had your free Discovery Session but still not ready for a full Coaching Package?

No problem, Chance Coaching offers Intensive Masterclass Sessions to get a true taster of the real and dramatic impacts Life Coaching can have on balancing your life and emotions.

Our current Masterclasses are priced at £80 and include a 90 minute intensive coaching session with a 20 minute follow-up by either phone or messenger.

Topics can include:

  • '​New Start' Masterclass - ​To uncover ​what has been holding you back and develop an action plan to reach for your potential.
  • '​Confidence ​Boost' Masterclass - ​To discover the reason behind low confidence, investigate how to increase confidence and develop a plan to reach for a specific goal.
  • 'Positivity' Masterclass - To unpick emotions, let go of past hurts and start to move forward with a more positive frame of mind.


We believe any client and coach should form a professional relationship where both parties can feel comfortable being completely open and honest. Therefore all packages come with one of our free discovery session. This is to ensure both parties are a good fit and for a coaching package to be specifically tailored.

Our Example Packages are below:

  • 3 Month
  • £300 / 4 sessions
  • £75 per session
  • Perfect for creating a detailed plan to focus on, and show significant improvement within, a specific problem area.
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  • 6 Month
  • £560 / 8 sessions
  • £70 per session
  • Designed to overcome more complex or ongoing challenges to make long-term positive change for the future.
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  • 12 Month
  • £910 / 14 sessions
  • £65 per session
  • Ideal for personal development to realise positive change and dramatically improve your life and relationships.
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Funding and Discounts

Chance Coaching is approved and registered as a not-for-profit Community Interest Company.

Company profits are put back into the community by providing coaching for mothers within certain eligibility criteria, including mothers with children with additional needs and/or disabilities.

What's more, here at Chance Coaching we are dedicated to providing affordable coaching to all, therefore packages can be tailored to available budgets and individual needs.

Being a CIC also allows Chance Coaching - along with it's partners - to apply for funding to provide core coaching activities to mothers who need it most.

Please contact us for further details or to start your journey.