Our Partners

Chance Coaching has had the pleasure of meeting some inspirational people and working with some dedicated organisations. We are thrilled to be partnering with some of them and would like to thank them for their continued support.


Chance to Dance is the only dance school in Berkshire dedicated to giving the chance to dance to children living with disabilities or additional needs. Not only does Chance to Dance offer amazing opportunities for children who would not be able to attend mainstream dance school, they also provide much-needed respite opportunities - such as dance days and summer camps - for parents caring for children with additional needs.

To find out more about Chance to Dance click here


DDH UK is the UK’s only DDH (Developmental dysplasia of the hip) charitable trust and is run by a team of volunteers. As a charitable trust, they offer a caring support network for parents and patients via the DDH UK Facebook forum. They also offer easy to understand information and practical advice for coping with the condition and this, coupled with a dedicated 24/7 online community, enables families from around the world to support each other on their journey towards healthy hips.

To find out more about DDH UK click here


Dominique - Alana Photography is a budding new local Photography company who specialises in family photoshoots and working to empower women in order to boost self-confidence. She has a casual and friendly style, a real eye for detail and her photos are simply stunning. She has already given up some of her free time to help us with promotional campaigns and we look forward to working with her on future social media and other projects.

To find our more click here to visit her Facebook Page.

Our Collaboration

Through our collaboration with other organisations and through joint funding opportunities, Chance Coaching offers eligible families discounted life and family coaching services to help families overcome challenges posed by a huge range of different family circumstances.