Mind Trap Day 7 - Drama And The Science Behind Why Your Brain Loves It

alt Stay with me here, we're going a bit science-y again!

As we learned before, every second of our day we have millions of stimuli flying at us from every direction. We couldn't possibly see, hear, smell, taste and experience every single bit as it would quickly become too much and start to overwhelm us. Our brain needs a way to cope with the sheer volume and it, therefore, filters out most of - what it considers - unimportant 'noise'. What's more, it does this before we are even aware of what is happening.

This, in short, means that our brain has already decided what it wants to tell us, before we even experience and process what is going on.

Our Reptilian brain - the very base workings of our brain, which responds first in any situation - mainly triggers in black and white (i.e. life and death). Therefore, it believes that everything we need to take notice of, may be a life and death situation, and is therefore a complete drama!

In today’s world the 'death drama' is actually very rare but our brains still work this way. Sometimes it gets the better of us - mostly when we are tired, stressed or emotional - responding to everyday stresses as if they were life and death situations. If we look at a very simple example, one bad experience with a stranger may make our Reptilian brain scream “everyone hates me” and if we've had a bad day, we may listen to it!

What's more, when there is 'drama' in our lives, generally we believe it is everybody else that causes us this 'drama'. However, 'drama' only exists when our brain - mostly the reptilian part - tell us it does, therefore it really is only in our own head. Everyone’s brain is different and responds based on a number of things, such as previous experiences and current feelings and emotions. This is why some things may seem a complete disaster at one point in time and not so bad later on. There is total truth in the phrase "...you may feel differently in the morning!"

As we have just seen, what we perceive as 'drama' is in our own head, and what we actually do by telling ourselves it is other people causing us this drama, is transferring the blame for not managing our own minds and feelings. This is actually a natural response (and a defense mechanism) so our brains don't have to deal with an often more intense emotion.

If we then take the approach of avoiding the people we believe cause us this drama, we will never learn how to deal with - and control - our uncooperative Reptilian brain. We may lose one source of drama, but we can guarantee we will start to find drama elsewhere. The answer is to notice the drama - and therefore when our Reptilian brain is taking over - and then decide to use the logical part of our brain to put it in perspective and learn how to manage our own feelings about each situation.

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