Mind Trap Day 4 - Our Past, Our Emotions and Living up to Our Potential ​

alt Have you ever felt like you should be more? Living more? Doing more? Learning more? Feeling more?

Has anyone ever told you, “You should be living up to your potential"?

For a lot of people, this concept makes us feel a lot of inner shame and confusion around why we are not – currently - living to our potential and today we look at why.

Firstly it's important to point out - We can never fully 'live up to our potential' because our potential is ALWAYS in the future!

Potential - by definition - is something we could be, but we aren’t yet. So this always has to be in the future. The present is just living and the past is just what we've experienced.

What’s more - most of the time - the view of our potential and where we want to get to is based on the emotions of our past.

If we look at an example, a larger person may feel they are not living up to their potential because they aren’t a size 10 and they don't go to the gym every day. There may be a lot of negative feeling around this, e.g. guilt for not looking after themselves in the past or eating that slice of cake yesterday, low confidence around not being able to change (as they've tried all the diets that have worked for people they know and always failed) and the list goes on.

However, this view of their future potential is based on the insecurities of now and how they feel about how they got there (their past). What’s more, they have likely already formed a very negative connection with the subject, which will therefore be hard to break. If they let go of the trauma of their past and focussed on the fact that their potential is always in the future - which means there is no connection to where they are NOW - then they can start with an (emotional) blank canvas. Their view of where they could get to in the short, medium and long term may change dramatically and their emotional connection with losing weight could become a very different and positive experience.

It is also important to look at why we want to reach a certain goal and what that goal is - exactly. If the answer is because we feel like we 'should' because of other peoples beliefs, or - taking our example of someone who wants to lose weight - because of the way the media portray 'normal' we will be swimming against the tide.

It is so important to define our goals in such a way we know what outcome we want - exactly - and how we can tell when we've reached it. This way we stand a chance at bring our 'potential' into reach and letting go of the emotions of the past.

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