alt Clean Language is about exploring the metaphorical language of an individual without influencing it with your own language, assumptions or perspective.

Life Coaches often use clean language with clients to ensure they get only the clients perspective on the current situation and the goal the client wants to reach.

The most relevant clean language questions can be split into 3 types

Developing questions

  1. If a client says they need to be more assertive within their job, we could ask them.... "and what is assertiveness?"

Whatever the response from the client can be assessed and the following question could explore this further.

  1. To follow on we could ask "and is there anything else about being assertive?"

With both of these questions, it is important to attempt to use the client's own words back to them with the questions, this avoids contaminating their language with another interpretation of the situation.

Other developing questions include where and why questions.

Sequence and Source Questions

These questions help to progress from the developing questions, exploring the feelings and barriers stopping the client from reaching their goals and start to formulate next steps. These can include questions such as

  1. "and what happens next?"

  2. "and what needs to happen to make this possible?"

  3. "and where could .... come from?"

Intention Questions

Intention questions are used to tease our goals and start to quantify next steps. These can include

  1. "what needs to happen next to make .... a reality?"
  2. "Can ..... happen?"
  3. "How would you feel if ..... became a reality?"

Chance Coaching

Clean Language is often associated with counseling practices and Chance Coaching's qualified Life Coach, Jenni Donato, is also undertaking a qualification in Therapeutic Counselling in order to give the skills for techniques such as clean language to really get the most out of the client.

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Jenni Donato

Jenni now works as a freelance life and family coach, helping families to overcome challenges, create calm and happy homes and live the life they want.