Mind Trap Day 2 - "You Only See What You Want To See" (Confirmation Bias) And Why It Might Be Holding You Back

alt Have you ever heard of the saying - "You only see what you want to see?"

Confirmation bias is simply the tendency to search for information in a way that confirms your existing beliefs. It is real and it may be holding you back.

Psychological studies have confirmed that this not only exists but is more powerful when we’re dwelling on more emotional matters. Furthermore, studies show that when we are given evidence which appears to contradict what we believe to be true, this only makes us more committed to our original standpoint causing us to double down on a disproven idea.....

For example, if you believe you're not a good mother, you will naturally dismiss the good days as 'lucky', but on those the bad days you will feel completely responsible and blame them on your bad parenting! This can quickly turn into a dangerous, vicious circle.

There is also a scientific theory that human reasoning evolved as a persuasive tool to win other people over to our side - not as a diagnostic tool to figure out what’s true in our own mind! This means it is human instinct for our brain to attempt to prove itself right no matter how it makes us feel.

However, if we notice when confirmation bias is happening, we can decide when and what to actually believe. This is one of the easiest ways to start believing in ourselves and start to get into a habit of positive thinking.

Most people think we need evidence to believe something is true. Confirmation bias tells us this is simply not correct. There is no point in waiting for evidence to prove us wrong - it will not come. This is because - even if the evidence is there - our brain will simply not see it.

To combat negative confirmation bias - which may be holding us back - we firstly need to take notice of when our brain is trying to do this to us. We then need to give ourselves - and our brain - new thoughts or a new project to find evidence for.

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