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We are so excited to be going for a big funding opportunity with one of our partners Chance to Dance Stars CIC.

Chance to Dance Stars CIC opened in 2013 to support disabled children and young people who were rejected from mainstream dance schools because their personality, individual traits and their needs were unable to be met by the lack of access to classrooms and experienced teachers.

Since 2013 Chance to Dance Stars CIC has really taken off with over 60 families now involved across the Reading, Wokingham and Bracknell areas.

They really are now one big family with dance classes, summer respite days, activities and days out along with a big Showcase event once a year where these amazing children get to perform on a big stage with all the production of a mainstream dance school.

The money would make such a difference because they can continue the work they do whilst making it more affordable for those who struggle financially. They would also love to offer more of what they do in more locations.

The money would also benefit these amazing families by providing much needed emotional coaching from ourselves at Chance Coaching CIC.

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Jenni Donato

Jenni now works as a freelance life and family coach, helping families to overcome challenges, create calm and happy homes and live the life they want.